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Beaton Brothers Wood Flooring & Supplies
Builder, contractor or do-it-yourselfer, we can help. At Beaton Brothers Flooring you'll find all the flooring and installation supplies at our local showroom and warehouse. We carry the best finish, sealer, and stains on the market as well as everything needed to sand and finish or install hardwood flooring.  We provide delivery servcies, lift trucks to the 2nd floor, and fast delivery.
  • Duraseal Quick Coat Stain

  • Waterbase Polyurethane-Bona Sealer, Bona, Loba Sealer, Loba 

  • Oilbase Polyurethane- Absco, Bona 

  • Sand Paper- Red Heat, 3M, Zirc 

  • Staples, Cleats, Black Paper, Aqua Bar, Slip Tongue, Euro, 3-1/2’’& 5-1/2” Stair Nosing, Door Saddles, Reducer, T Molding, Threshold 

  • Solid hardwood Floor Vents: Flush mount heat registers & Drop in floor vents 

  • Flooring Trim: A wide assortment of wood flooring trims in stock

  • Nu Stair Retro Treads, Ideal Stairs Parts, Base, Casing, Crown

  • Job-Site Delivery: Our experienced staff and attention to detail assure on-time delivery of your high-quality flooring on our company-owned trucks. For supplies brought into the house or building, we provide lift trucks to the 2nd Floor. Fast delivery of all in stock. 

  • Contractor discounts available! 

Call Beaton Brothers today to discuss all of our flooring services offered.
Hardwood Flooring Stains & Sealers.
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